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Getting Employee Engagement Right

Co-creation is the key to employee engagement

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When did work become all about fun?

It didn't, but when the organizations figured out that engaged employees are the ones who are enthusiastic about their work and take postive actions to further the orgnization's reputation and interests employee engagement became a hot topic. And when you consider that the engaged employees are  more productive, easier to manage, and not to mention more fun to work with, one needs to seriously think about the fun aspect in work as well. 

Employee Engagement is about enthusiastic employees, who are working harder and providing you better value, while they are enjoying what they do. It is a win-win situation, that may be tricky to achieve, but well worth the effort. 

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4 Ideas to Improve Employee Engagement 


Life is not all about work. It is about having the right balance. 


Motivation can not be transferred, but it can be supported or killed.


Open communication is a treasure, which must be cherished.


Co-creation can move mountains.

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What makes the difference between a bad and good employee engagement survey?

Employee engagement surveys can reveal how your employees really feel about their work,  but what makes an employee engagement survey a good one? Join our co-creation arena and share your thoughts on employee engagement surveys!

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Employee Engagement Survey FAQs

What is employee engagement?

According to Wikipedia employee engagement refers to the relationship between the organization and it's employees. An engaged employee is a person who is enthusiastic about their work and willing to further organization's reputation and interests. In more practical terms we can say that engaged employee is a person who enjoys their work, is working towards the common goals and willing to go the extra mile. 

According to Wikipedia there are several drivers of employee engagement, such as: 

  • Employee perceptions of job importance
  • Employee clarity of job expectations
  • Career advancement / improvement opportunities
  • Regular feedback and dialogue with superiors 
  • Quality of working relationships with peers, superiors, and subordinates
  • Perceptions of the ethos and values of the organization
  • Effective internal employee communications
What are employee engagement tools?

As employee enagement is a combination of issues related to the content of the job and the atmosphere of the employer there are several ways to build better employee engagement.

We've released a blog-posting with 7 great examples how organizations are building employee engagement

Are there any good examples of employee engagement?
Oh yes, there are plenty of good examples! You might want to start by reading our blog posting about the examples 7 Amazing Employee Engagement Examples. It covers a set of examples ranging from random lunches to the empowerment of the employees.
Why co-creation improves employee engagement?

Co-creation improves employee engagement in numerous ways, here we list four of them.

The first benefit of co-creation is about utilizing the wisdom of the crowds to find the best solution to a common problem. When one includes people in problem solving it signals respect for the participant's and their expertiese.

When the solution has been identified it is easier to accept because the participants have had the possibility to bring up their views on the process. And when the people have participated to the process all the way from the beginning the implementation of the decision will be easier as well. They are the second and third benefits of co-creation.

And finally, the fourth benefit of co-creation becomes apparent when the implemtations and collaboration gets easier. When people are aligned towards the same goals it is more fun to work with your colleagues.

We could actually say that co-creation creates a positive circle that strengthens the employee engagement.

What is the connection between Innoduel and Employee Engagement?
Co-creation is ultimately about working together in a way, which enables you to find the best solutions to the business problems in a way, which gets the participants onboard. Innodue is the easiest tool for co-creation.

Employee Engagement Must Reads

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Improve employee engagement with co-creation

One of the most effective ways to improve employee engagement is co-creation. By co-creation you are not only able to harness the wisdom of the crowds, but you also open up a dialogue with your employees. Co-creation allows them to come up with ideas and participate to the decision making process. Innoduel is the easiest tool for co-creation. And there is a free version of it for you to try for no cost at all.

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