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See just how simple employee engagement can be.

In just 15 minutes you can create and launch your new employee engagement initiative with Innoduel.

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How to use ID to boost Employee Enagement

Here's how Innoduel works, in 3 simple steps...

1. Ask

Start by asking an open-ended question from your team. For example:

  • Ask your sales people, "How can we improve our sales process to increase our close rate?"
  • Ask your employees, "What changes could we make to our office space to make you more successful in your work?"
  • Ask your customer success team, "How can we deliver a better customer experience for our key accounts?"

2. Invite

Then just set up your Innoduel Arena and invite team members to share their answers. Once enough ideas have been collected, everyone will be able to rank these answers by comparing them to one another in ever changing random pairs.

3. Act

As a result you will get a prioritised list of answers to your question! The input from your team members gives you the confidence you need to make better decisions and take action!

In this demo you will learn:

1. How to get your team members involved in ideating answers
2. How your team members can participate equally in the decision making process
3. How Innoduel presents the results so you can turn them into action
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"Innoduel is an excellent tool for developing new ideas rapidly and in an agile manner."


Companies already boosting their employee engagement


In just 15 minutes discover Innoduel, a participation platform that boosts employee engagement and speeds up decision making.


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