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We’re on a mission to make people happy at work

It’s simple, really. We created Innoduel, because we wanted to increase workplace happiness. And while we understand that it takes more than active participation to make people happy, we figured that it’s a great place to start.

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Meet The Team

Jussi Simolin

Jussi Simolin

With a background in education, Jussi is a keen advocate of lifelong learning and relentless improvement.


Elina Jaakkola

Elina Jaakkola

To Elina, working at Innoduel is all about helping our customers find new perspectives.


Our Story

Back in 2013, our bread and butter was creating motivational games and software. We worked hard on various concepts and even ended up winning a couple of prizes. However, we soon realized that we wanted to create something with social impact.

It took us a while, but in 2015 we finally came up with a concept referred to as “the best idea ever” – a simple, gamified solution that allowed a large number of people to help solve everyday problems.

After some serious prototyping, we managed to secure our first round of funding. And even though we’ve since established a solid business case for the concept we now know as Innoduel, it was never only about business for us. With social responsibility as our north star, our single most important objective to date is to make people heard.

We will build a more collaborative tomorrow where everyone can participate and influence in making change happen together.

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