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Case Studies

Savings in R&D and a new product roadmap

Sammy Loitto, VP, Marketing and Sales, Gryphon Secure S.A.

Gryphon Secure delivers ultra-secure mobile and fixed line telecommunications solutions.

We used Innoduel to find out how we should prioritize product development in the future. We wanted to involve our whole international team around the world and gain insight from our employees from varied cultural backgrounds. As a result, we gained unexpected, yet highly detailed, information about features we should prioritize. The new priority list was automatically generated by our employees.

Our goal was to engage employees in co-creating a roadmap for our product. We asked our employees around the world to rank the existing feature candidates. The original Releases’ content was challenged by the ranking list provided by Innoduel. This resulted in rethinking priorities and generated savings in R&D.

Sammy Loitto, Gryphon SecureSavings in R&D and a new product roadmap 

Sammy Loitto, VP, Marketing and Sales, Gryphon Secure S.A.

"Innoduel helped Gryphon Secure to create a new improved roadmap for a product and helped us save money in R&D.” 

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