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Case Studies

 Ideas for communication and new service concepts 

Anne Partanen, Key Account Manager, Papua Merchandising Oy

Papua Merchandising Oy is a full-range Field Marketing organization.

We used Innoduel for discovering new ways to improve our service. As a result, we gained a significant number of relevant suggestions, which were automatically prioritized. With Innoduel, we were able to create a roadmap for sustainable competitive advantage.

Our goal was to find ideas for new service concepts for our customers to gain sustainable competitive advantage. With Innoduel, we gathered practical ideas for improving our services. All employees and several customers were invited to submit their own suggestions and evaluate suggestions submitted by others. We rewarded the submitter of the best idea with a trip to Prague.

In one week, we gained 75 relevant ideas of which:

70% for new services
10% for discovering customer needs and training customers
10% for improving internal processes
10% for developing our marketing

The suggestions gathered from our employees and customers lead to:

Creating an internal Facebook account 
Creating an Instagram account 
Setting up a company blog 
Refreshing the product/ service portfolio
Setting up another Innoduel arena for Papua’s customers to share their needs and ideas

The collaboration with Innoduel was quick and businesslike. I would recommend Innoduel for any company looking to develop their business.

Anne Partanen, Papua MerchandisingBetter communication and new service concepts

Anne Partanen, Key Account Manager, Papua Merchandising Oy

“We used Innoduel to improve communication to our employees and customers. As a result, we created new communication channels and refreshed our product/ service portfolio based on customer needs.” 

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