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Case Study: Nokia – Inclusion and Diversity

Nokia believes it is essential to continuously work on creating a company culture that is inclusive and ensures that the people are empowered and enabled to deliver on the company's purpose and commitments.

Inclusion and Diversity are defined at a quite detailed level and systematically worked on at Nokia. Anneli Karlstedt, the Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity and Taha Othman, R&D Manager, Transformation Leader tell us Nokia's story.


Fostering Inclusion and Diversity

Anneli Karlstedt explains how Diversity and Inclusion are approached at the company.

She explains that at Nokia, inclusion is about appreciating and understanding another person's point of view. On a behavioral level, it means that you grow your social and emotional intelligence, you are listening, and you create a trusted environment. Besides these, inclusion is also about collaboration and decision-making. The behaviors that drive inclusion are, for example, willingness to share, better decision-making skills, and giving people time to reflect and discuss. It is also about being aware of your biases when you make decisions. Inclusion is measured in a yearly survey and, according to the results, developed further.

Innoduel has had the chance to contribute in the ongoing Inclusion and Diversity journey at Nokia.

Taha Othman describes Innoduel as a framework for enabling co-creation, brainstorming, and innovation. He tells about a retrospective he facilitated for his organization, which has over 150 employees. Innoduel's framework and tool enabled gathering the whole opinion of the team. – It was valuable to gather the feedback of such a large organization in such a short time, Taha Othman continues.

Anneli Karlsted says that co-creation and experimenting are also tools for inclusion. And besides being a great tool for co-creation, Innoduel is an excellent tool for listening. The possibilities to utilize Innoduel are many. Innoduel can be used, for example, for crowdsourcing employee voices. It's also a tool for creating more inclusive workspaces. Sharing and going through the results together with the team creates transparency, an essential component in inclusion.

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Case study: Nokia

What is Method Innoduel 

Organizations that are successful have realized that competitive advantage is only gained when everybody is onboard and strives to achieve a common goal. Method Innoduel is a process to engage stakeholders and manage change in a better way. Instead of top-down, the approach is bottom-up.

If lasting organizational change is to happen, we need to create positive emotion: a sense of belonging, an environment where it is safe to take initiative, ideate, and express thoughts. Many times organizational development projects overlook the individual's perspective. Grassroot-level employees might be asked a few questions in a survey every once in a while, but they don't get the feeling that the effort made any difference - so why bother the next time.

Method Innoduel makes sure we respect the time people take to give input and make it matter.

In Method Innoduel respect is inbuilt in every step, helping facilitate positive co-creation experiences and minimize the "warehousing time" of collected data. Knowledge is derived from gathered data. We are not just collecting ideas, insights, and data for the sake of data. Instead, use it efficiently.

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How to co-create value with the Innoduel app

Innoduel has created an app to help you co-create value together with your key stakeholders. 

  • First, you ask – in a better way  – by allowing the participants to formulate their thoughts in an open-ended format.
  • Next, the answers are entered in a dual comparison mode. The participants will select the winning argument and upvote it.
  • The whole process is completely anonymous.
As the end result, you'll get a prioritized list of the top-ranking ideas, ready to be used according to the Method Innoduel and its phases.

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