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Gain insight, make better decisions and find the best solutions

Innoduel is the world's easiest collaborative tool for co-creation. Engage your crowds in sharing insight and co-creating your company strategy, the theme of the office Christmas party, the name of your kid's soccer team... pretty much anything you need to decide on and need people to commit to implementing the decisions.

Whatever the challenge, co-creation will take the solution to the next level. 

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Innoduel - Arena

Ask questions

Ask the most important questions from the right target audience. Creating and sharing a question to the participants only takes a few minutes of your time. Don't ask for confirmation, ask for input.

Get answers

Invite your crowds to participate in generating and ranking answers with our gamified interactive process. You'll get more than you asked for as Innoduel will encourage participants to innovate and suggest even better ideas.

Rank results

Get an easy-to-read ranking of the results, which are based on our innovative forced choice method and the wisdom of your crowds. With one glance, you’ll see what’s hot and what’s not according to the people who matter to you.

Quick start

Get started in minutes with our free plan. Our no-login, no-installation policy makes it easy for your crowds to participate. 

Innoduel - Arena

Why choose Innoduel?

With Innoduel, the world's easiest co-creation tool, you'll gain relevant insight to solve challenges and make better decisions faster, leaving you more time for getting things done.

Simple: The platform is easy to use, for both Admins and Users

Quick: In a matter of minutes you can start solving your problems

Analysis: The platform quickly analyses big data sets and provides you with a simple and easy-to-read ranking list

Global: Everyone can participate, no matter where they are in the world

Inclusive: An equal opportunity to introverts and extroverts to have their voice heard

Discover something you didn't know you were looking for.

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