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Employee engagement and decision making made easy

Innoduel allows you to forget about sticky notes, cut your workshops in half, and radically increase employee engagement.


How does Innoduel work?

STEP 1: Ask

Think about the problem you’re trying to solve and frame it into an open-ended question, like “How would you like to improve our office?” or “What topics would you like us to discuss in the upcoming monthly meeting?”.

STEP 2: Invite

Create a new Innoduel arena to get your team on board! Simply invite everyone to answer the question and make sure to give them enough time to post new answers and vote between existing ones.

STEP 3: Act

As a result, you’ll get a prioritized list of the answers and a ton of new ideas. Now you have all the information you need to make the decisions that affect your team. Just remember to communicate those decisions!

Why Innoduel?

Boost employee engagementEmployee engagement is a marathon, not a sprint. Innoduel allows you to gather actionable feedback and ideas every day – no matter where your team members are. Taking part in day-to-day decision making increases employee engagement, and we all know what that means: even more great ideas.

Make better decisionsTop-down management is so 1992. Innoduel gives a voice to your team members, and provides you with a democratically prioritized list of answers to your question. Even if you choose to move forward with an idea that didn’t make it to the list, you’ll be able to better communicate the decision to your team.

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How can I invite people to an Innoduel arena?

To invite participants to an arena, simply send them a link through the channel of your choice: email, intranet, Slack, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp… You name it!

You can create a link to the arena in the Innoduel admin portal. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Select the “edit” mode and go to the “invite” page. Click “share” and “copy link” to copy the link to your clipboard.
  2. Move your mouse over the “arena” icon. Click “share” and “copy” to copy the link to your clipboard.

You can now paste and send the link to anyone you want.

What happens to an answer after a participant has submitted it?

All answers will eventually end up on the arena ranking list. However, only the answers that have appeared in the voting mode six times or more will be ranked. The answers that have been shown in the comparison mode less than six times will be displayed below the ranking list in a random order.

What happens to an answer immediately after a participant has submitted it depends on the arena mode:

  • If the arena is in the “collecting” mode, none of the answers are displayed to the participants until the mode is changed to “voting”.
  • If the arena is in the “voting” mode, new answers can no longer be submitted. In this mode, all the answers submitted in the “collecting” mode compete against each other in randomly formed pairs.
  • If the arena is in the “collecting and voting” mode, new answers will immediately start competing with all the other answers.

If you can’t see a newly added answer in the “voting” or “collecting and voting” mode, the reason could be one of the following:

  • The admin user has made the answer “passive”.
  • The “premoderation” setting is on, which means that the admin user will have to change the status of all answers from “passive” to “active” before they are shown in the “voting” mode.
How does the voting mode work?

If the arena allows voting (i.e. the arena is in the “voting” or “collecting and voting” mode), all submitted answers will start competing with each other.

The answers are shown in random pairs, and the participant will be asked to choose their preferred answer.

In the “collecting and voting” mode, the Innoduel algorithm favors newer answers to make sure that they get enough visibility.

As a result of the voting, you’ll get a prioritized list of the all the answers. The ranking order is based on the win rate percentage.

With Innoduel’s smart ranking algorithm, the participants don’t have to go through every possible answer combination. Instead, the final ranking will reflect the collective opinion of all participants.

Which devices can Innoduel participants use?

Innoduel works on any device with an internet connection and a browser. The platform was designed mobile-first, so it works beautifully on any mobile phone larger than the iPhone 5.

What's a good question like?

Here are some basic guidelines for creating a great question:

  • Make it open-ended. You want lots of answers to your question, which is why you should ask something like: “How would you develop our cross-team collaboration?”
  • Be clear. It might even be useful to include words like “concrete” in your question, e.g.: “What concrete ideas do you have for improving our internal communications?”
  • Use relevant language and avoid jargon. Instead: “When it comes to the new strategy, my biggest worry is…”
  • Make it interesting and meaningful. For example: “Hey Chicago Bulls fan, what would be the best nickname for Lauri Markkanen?”
What's a good answer like?

Whether you’re an admin user or a participant, the same guidelines apply:

  • Make sure you’re answering the question.
  • Only provide one suggestion or idea per answer – and remember that you can submit multiple answers. For example, the answer: “The new feature should increase speed and reduce manufacturing costs.” could be split into two: 1) “The new feature should increase speed.” and 2) “The new feature should reduce manufacturing costs.” That way, the answers are easy to compare.
  • Use language that is easy to understand.
  • Make you answer constructive.
  • Use a respectful tone.
Who can submit answers to an Innoduel arena?

Everyone with a link to the arena can submit answers. That includes the invited participants as well as the admin users.

However, answers can only be submitted to an arena that is in the “collecting” or “collecting and voting” mode.

Can participants join an Innoduel arena anonymously?

Yes. Participants are never asked to register or log in – all they need is a link to the arena. All answers are collected anonymously.

How long does it take to participate in an arena?

The duration depends on the arena mode (collecting, voting, collecting & voting) and the total number of answers participants have given.

Voting between 3 pairs will take about 15 seconds, while thinking about your answer might take a few minutes.

If an arena is open for longer than a week, you are typically asked to participate more than once. This is because new answers will be added every day and you will be invited to do an another round of voting. As a rule of thumb, the 1st time will take longer than the 2nd and the 3rd ones.

How long should my Innoduel arena be active?

Once again, the answer is: it depends.

For example, in a workshop or meeting you can gather and rank ideas in less than 10 minutes.

However, you can also keep an Innoduel arena active for months or even years at a time. For example, the platform can be used as your development team’s backlog. Just ask the question: “How should we improve the product?” and pick the highest ranking features on your to-do list. Once a feature has been published, simply mark it as “passive” on the admin panel to make room for new ideas.

How does premoderation work?

You can turn on premoderation from the admin panel’s “advanced settings” section.

When premoderation is on, all new answers will appear as “passive”, which means that the participants can’t see them.

To change the status of an answer from “passive” to “active”, move your mouse over the arena on the admin panel homepage and select “moderate”. In this view you can control the status of individual answers.

The changes will happen in real-time, which means that the active answers will start competing immediately.

Can I share the results of an arena with someone who doesn’t have admin rights?

Absolutely. Simply move your mouse over the right arena on the homepage of the admin panel and select “results”. Now click the “share report” button on the top right corner of the page, which will open a pop-up window with a shareable link.

Select “copy link” from the pop-up window. You can now share the link to the real-time results with anyone.